public annoucement: 09 of may 2014 by Marc Lo Porto I, Marc Lo Porto, founder of www.tronlights.com , publish this to make a public annoucement and release of my idea and creation. the idea is to attach any color lights to any bicycle wheels by enrolling a wire cable around its spokes. the source of power to light it up an be attached to the inside of bicycle spokes. this source can be a battery box as shown on fotos or any other possible source such as solar or dynamo. this idea to light up bicycle wheel will make the rider visible from the side at intersections and prevent many accidents. this simple device is to protect a rider at night or low light conditions. this device can also be applied on other transport devices such as electric bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, segways, skateboards etc... the prototype i have designed for bicycles has the following characteristics: 1 adjustable Led copper string light 2 Led quantity: 20 pcs white LED (other colors available) 3 Wire type:silver copper wire 4 Space between two leds:10cm 6 Voltage:DC3V 7 Battery:3pcs AA 8 Battery box size::7*4.8*1.8cm 9 Steady on 10 with on/off switch on the battery box (see fotos below for more details) this prototype can be improved but the idea and creation will remain the same. by releasing this international public announcement i officially declare that to this date and time no one can patent this idea or product anywhere in the world. this is a public blog and website accessible to anyone and therefore this will go public as soon as i publish it. thank you for your understanding. sincerely, Marc Lo Porto references: http://tronlights.com/ http://tronlights.com/index.php/products http://tronlights.com/index.php/safety http://tronlights.com/index.php/installation http://art.zenzela.com/ http://tronlights.com/index.php/shop http://tronlights.com/index.php/contact-us

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